I Control My Destiny

It’s easy to only view an event in a negative light.

Maybe living in a beautiful state is too much work.

Depression can be easy to slip into…

too much work

I believe that we all have our own reasons for not living the life we have to live.

Everyone has problems..

It could be that you’re living a life below your standards.

tony robbins quote

And, you have no idea how to get out of the situation you are in.

Pretty soon, you may feel like life is not worth it, and you may want to give up.


The point is: life can always be better.

You get to decide how you react to any given situation.

i have control



One Moment, One Opportunity

Many people have a need to feel happy all the time.

Being happy doesn’t have to mean you are constantly smiling.

Smiling is a good thing.

But, if you were always smiling, you would feel like your face starts to hurt.

funny cat


Life must be lived in a beautiful state.

A beautiful state can be sadness if you know how to transmute that energy into something good, something that will help you connect with a higher power.


There’s nothing wrong with being happy though.

french fry


Many of us fail to realize that mistakes are bound to happen.

And, it isn’t necessarily about how many mistakes you make or how bad they are.

It is more of learning to bounce back.

When a bone is broken, it heals, and it is stronger than it was before.

If you fall down, you can get right back up.

Mistakes are proof that you are trying!

one day

The Power Of Control

There have been many, many difficult chapters in my life. I imagine everyone goes through some amount of hardship.

But, today I thought to myself, “What if I am making things worse than they really are?’

worse than they really are

Often times, the reason we are depressed or angry is because certain life events did not meet our expectations. Some of us have high expectations, and, we become upset when things don’t turned out as planned.


Why is that?

Life does not have to be a constant battle. I believe that we all have the power within ourselves to be happy.

We have control over any situation.

control thoughts



Ask, Believe, Receive

Many of us may struggle to pay the bills, struggle with a relationship, school, a satisfying career. But, if you’re always focusing your attention on the things you don’t want in your life, then your subconscious will find ways to continue to supply you with more of the things you do not want.

Our thoughts have tremendous power. Whatever we think about will somehow manifest into our reality whether we like it or not. Thoughts emit frequencies to the universe. As daunting as this may sound, there is always hope for change; there is hope for a better future.

You are in control

dream big

For centuries, people have known about the secret of the law of attraction. I have barely begun to learn more about it. It is very simple, yet it is so very powerful. Think of the possibilities. Imagine what humans can do with the power of being able to control the outcome of any situation simply by controlling thoughts and feelings. In my opinion, once you learn to do this, you can do anything!

You’re unstoppable.

keep going


Unfortunately, millions of individuals all around the world continue to experience a life below their standards. Many do not believe in the law of attraction. Many have never heard of it. Others believe it does not exist.

I am here to say, “Yes, it does exist!”

We are what we think and believe and feel.

So, what are you waiting for…

Experience the life of your dreams!

the law of attraction





The Little Things

The little things are what make me happy sometimes…

the little things


Many people are so caught up in their own day-to-day lives that they often forget to take a few moments to notice the small things that around them.

These things can be anything really.

It could be a little bird, a painting, the sun, a breeze.

What you had for breakfast.


Whatever you notice, admire it for what it is.

I believe that to live life to the fullest one must take notice of the small things because those small things start to add up to Big things.


Life doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t have to worry.

Most of the time, you’re amplifying your pain.

In fact, I believe that people don’t even notice that they’re creating their own chaos until it is too late.

It’s almost like people are stuck in a box, unable to get out.

There are endless possibilities. You can instantly change any situation in your life, no matter how bad it may seem.

Ir may seem silly at first, but you might even enjoy life a little more.

For me, it is the small things that count.

little things matter

Relationships mean Everything

One of my biggest goals in life is helping people achieve their biggest dreams.

That’s why I decided to major in business.

Every day is a new day to add value to someone’s life.

7 ways-to-add-value

How do I do this?

I do this by listening intently to what the other person has to say. Making them a priority. Putting their wants and needs first.

Too often, people are so caught up in their own lives that they forget to take the time to remember about the other person.

This person could be a customer, a sister, a co-worker, a brother, a friend.

Before you speak, listen.

You may even learn something new.

Fun fact: Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters

Listening strengthens relationships.






Why You’re Not Successful Yet

Pleasure and pain: every day we have a choice of deciding one over the other.

Everything we do gives us pleasure or pain.

I find pleasure in writing these blogs, so, I continue to upload these blog posts.

Blogging is my way of expressing myself to the world.

I consider blogging to be a positive form of self-expression.

Sometimes, we find negative forms of self-expression.

These include bad habits like: overeating, playing video games, binge-watching television, spending too much, etc.

I feel like we do these things because we are trying to fill a void.

There is something inside ourselves or in our life that needs to be addressed.

What we must be doing is filling that want or need.

This could be making small changes like: hanging out with a friend, learning a new language, trying a new food.


Changing your life may not be easy.

I sure struggled.

I have to remind myself that I am a different human being now.

I have to remind myself to live life in the moment, no matter what the circumstances are.

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